The Toulouse is a very formal piece with an adventurous double breast construction. On this piece, the peak-wide lapels are acceptable as the pair quite nicely with the double breast design. The double breast is, after all, a power suit, so to attach a slim lapel design for this would be contrary to the character traits of the double breast itself. The Toulouse here has a 2x2 button construction, leaving clean space in the chest area, however, a nice experiment would be to opt for a 1x1 button placement, with the lapel dropping even lower than visible on the Toulouse.


Editor’s Tip: Add some colour to the Toulouse if you don’t want the piece to look too conservative when you wear it.


  • One of the many beauties our garments possess is that they are Made-to-Measure. However, it is because of this that we are unable to offer 100% returns on our ordered garments. Every RJ Clothing tailor in their respective locale will be required to take a 50% deposit on the total garment order. This will be non-refundable. After the garment arrival and completion of a fitting, if the gentleman is unwilling to continue his journey with his RJ Clothing suit he will not be required to settle the remaining 50% balance.

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