From J.Sparks Hall (Queen Victoria’s personal shoemaker) to Charles Goodyear (yes, the same one who invented the ‘Goodyear Welt’ construction) to the Rolling Stones 1950s era, the Chelsea boot was not always this fixed elasticated design. The evolution of the boot not only includes the style of the boot but also the construction. The boot originated as an appropriate footwear for horse riding but after the addition of the elasticated centre, courtesy of Mr.Goodyear himself, this allowed for a more convenient slip on and off experience. This, coupled with the mod/alt fashion movement taking place during the 50s and 60s, not only accounts for the mainstream uptake of the boot but also where the name came from - King’s Road (a street in Chelsea and Fulham)


Editor's tip: Worn with light blue denim jeans and a tailored RJ Clothing white t-shirt, these boots will give the wearer a really cool modern look.


  • Features 

    • Calf Leather
    • Half rubber half leather sole
    • 2-year warranty