A triple blend of Wool, Silk and Linen from Vitale Barberis Cananoico, it's not every day that you run into pieces like the Milan. Although needing more maintenance in terms of less dry cleaning and wouldn't be as durable as a Super numbered garment, this triple blend offers a really unique touch and drape feeling for the wearer. The triple blend also offers the 3 advantages of each blend: the wool offers a great draping garment, the silk provides the wearer with a nice smooth texture finish and the linen will wick body sweat away from the skin insuring the wearer is kept cool at all times.


Editor's note: This cloth is best worn as a single jacketing piece as the full suit would be overkill on the eyes.


  • Vitale Barbreis Cananico  (ITA)

    • Jacket & Trousers
    • Wool, Silk, Linen 
    • 240gr (Spring, Summer, Autumn)
    • Bemberg, Satin or Silk lining
    • Felt Collar


    Care Instructions

    • Do Not Wash
    • Iron Medium Heat
    • Do Not Bleach
    • Dry Clean Only (Once a season)
    • Do Not Tumble Dry 
  • One of the many beauties our garments possess is that they are Made-to-Measure. However, it is because of this that we are unable to offer 100% returns on our ordered garments. Every RJ Clothing tailor in their respective locale will be required to take a 50% deposit on the total garment order. This will be non-refundable. After the garment arrival and completion of a fitting, if the gentleman is unwilling to continue his journey with his RJ Clothing suit he will not be required to settle the remaining 50% balance.

    Any complaints that are unable to be resolved at a regional level will be handled accordingly by our Global office in Shanghai, the People's Republic of China