A brother to the Florence and Milan, the Naples is a staple of men's Spring/Summer jacketing. With a blend of three natural fibres (wool, silk and linen) offering individual benefits (warmth, temperature regulator, and smooth texture) making it a remarkable piece to feel and wear. So whether you're taking a stroll while holidaying in the south of Italy, or out for drinks on a terrace somewhere in Shanghai in the middle of August, rest assured that the Naples will see you through the heat and keep you looking sharp.


Editor's tip: best worn as a single jacketing piece, paired with almost any light coloured pants.


Color: Light Blue
  • Vitale Barbreis Cananico  (ITA)

    • Jacket & Trousers
    • Wool, Silk, Linen 
    • 240gr (Spring, Summer, Autumn)
    • Bemberg, Satin or Silk lining
    • Felt Collar

    Care Instructions

    • Do Not Wash
    • Iron Medium Heat
    • Do Not Bleach
    • Dry Clean Only (Once a season)
    • Do Not Tumble Dry 
  • One of the many beauties our garments possess is that they are Made-to-Measure. However, it is because of this that we are unable to offer 100% returns on our ordered garments. Every RJ Clothing tailor in their respective locale will be required to take a 50% deposit on the total garment order. This will be non-refundable. After the garment arrival and completion of a fitting, if the gentleman is unwilling to continue his journey with his RJ Clothing suit he will not be required to settle the remaining 50% balance. 

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