Suede Monks are a relatively late-comer to the footwear industry, which means 10-20 years. Not particularly appropriate for pairing with formal wear, but a very nice addition to casual (and semi-casual) wear, especially if the Gent is in need of dressing up the appearance. Our Suede Monks are finished on the outside using 100% pure Suede, with the inside construction matching that of its pure leather brother. Due to the Suede finishing, we highly recommend Gent’s investing in a Suede maintenance kit to go with these shoes, as it makes upkeep of the shoes very easy and convenient. Suede Monk shoes purchases from us already come sprayed with a water-repellent material, but this will only last for the first 3-4 months of the shoe life.


Editor's tip: These shoes are an ideal pairing with a casual look, one that perhaps the Gent does not want to be paired with sneakers. (Add repellant kit for easy maintenance)


  • Features 

    • Calf Leather
    • Half rubber half leather sole
    • 2-year warranty